///רסיבר קולנוע 7.2 Pioneer VSX932

רסיבר קולנוע 7.2 Pioneer VSX932

3,490.00 2,800.00

חווית קולנוע בבית שלך Pioneer VSX932

רסיבר קולנוע 7.2 ערוצים מהמתקדמים בשוק כולל DOLBY ATMOS במחיר של פחות מ-3000 ש"ח .
רסיבר 7.2 ערוצים תומך ב 4K .
תמיכה מלאה ב- DOLBY VISION .
פורמט Bluetooth המתקדם בשום BT2020.
אפשרות Multi Room
אחריות מלאה ל-3 שנים ט.ר היבואן הרשמי בישראל.


חווית קולנוע בבית שלך עם פורמט הקולנוע החדש DOLBY ATMOS לחוויה ב-360 מעלות של סאונד ללא גבולות

הרסיבר החזק הזה מציע 4K ultra-high definition video pass through – כולל וידאו בסיגנל 60p – ניגון אודיו ב Hi-Res. בשביל חווית קולנוע מושלמת ה VSX932 מצויד עם MCACC מתקדם – כיול אקוסטי של המערכת, המפצה בצורה אוטומטית על רמקולים בגדלים, ווליום או מרחקים שונים ומאזן טווחי תדרים. בנוסף יציאה כפולה לסאבוופר תשפר את טווח התדרים של הבאס בצורה משמעותית.

ה VSX932 מתחבר בקלות כמעט לכל מכשיר. תתחברו עם מוצרי האפל שלכם באמצעות AIRPLAY, מוצרי האנדרואיד באמצעות MHL, או השתמשו בHTC connect בשביל ניגון מוסיקה ב Hi-Res. תיהנו מהמוסיקה האהובה עליכם דרך SPOTIFY connect ורדיו אינטרנט של vTuner. או פשוט תשמעו מוסיקה איכותית דרך הUSB וDLNA, קבצים כמו FLAC, WAV, ALAC  וAIFF.

ואחרון חביבי, Bluetooth מובנה בשביל הזרמת מוסיקה קלה.

 אחריות ושרות : 3 שנים



A receiver that can competently power a complete Dolby Atmos speaker set with front, centre, surround and height speakers as well as two independent subwoofers no longer has to cost a small fortune: the VSX-932 has all required decoders and seven powerful output stages with Pioneer’s exclusive “Direct Energy” technology that minimises electricity consumption and waste heat. Thanks to the “Reflex Optimizer”, it is able to produce a convincing sound experience with a spacious, all-encompassing atmosphere and precise three-dimensionally placed effects, even with the use of indirect projecting Atmos-enabled speakers. In keeping with its comprehensive surround capabilities, the VSX-932 is also equipped with the latest video technology: its four HDMI inputs support 4K/4:4:4/60p/24-bit with the HDR10, Dolby Vision and BT.2020 colour space and dynamics extensions. High-resolution streaming is supported as well: high resolution and DSD support is complemented by the integrated streaming services Tidal, Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn Internet radio. And by WiFi, AirPlay, Bluetooth and, after a future firmware update, integrated Chromecast technology and PlayFi. Since the living room is not the only place for music enjoyment, the VSX-932 with FlareConnect can become the centre of a multi-room network that covers the entire house. Suitable multi-room speakers are available from Pioneer and other manufacturers – because FlareConnect is a non-proprietary standard and therefore an excellent fit for Pioneer’s policy to consistently offer the best entertainment with maximum freedom in all respects.

Dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technology

You can stream audio from mobile, laptop, and PC over 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi® for a stable wireless connection. Pioneer Remote App gathers music on the device and on network-attached storage devices into an easily navigated library together with access to available streaming services. Bluetooth® wireless technology is also included for convenient transmission of app-based audio to your entertainment system.

MRX speaker for multi-room

Optional multi-room speakers MRX-3 and MRX-5 available.

Pioneer Remote App Ready

Enjoy smooth operation using your beloved device. With the free Pioneer Remote app, you can use your iPad/iPhone/ iPod touch or Android device such as a smartphone for operating the wireless speaker, or play back tunes stored on your smartphone. You can also select internet radio stations, and playback songs from your media server.


FlareConnect™ shares audio from network and external audio input sources between compatible components. Enjoy effortless multiroom playback of LP records, CDs, network music services, and more with supported components and speaker systems. Music selection, speaker grouping, and playback management across the home are built into the Pioneer Remote App.

Dolby Atmos for 3.1.2ch with Surround Enhancer

Supports up to 3.1.2ch Dolby Atmos. Surround Enhancer, developed by Dolby Laboratories, Inc., is a virtual speaker technology based on Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF). With DSP, virtual surround speakers deliver the sound that usually comes from surround speakers. The 3.1.2ch is virtually expanded to 5.1.2ch to create 3D surround sound field. Even those who have difficulty installing rear speakers can also enjoy various audio formats in a wide sound field with Surround Enhancer, as well Dolby Atmos.


DTS:X is the next-generation audio codec from DTS that leverages object-based audio to enable new immersive and interactive audio experiences. Since DTS:X can automatically adapt the audio to the existing channels and speaker system, no specific speaker layout is required. Experience an immersive soundscape with incredibly rich and life-like audio.

Reflex Optimizer

When using Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers, high directivity sound from the unit reflects off the ceiling, while low directivity sound directly reaches the ears. The different pathways cause a phase shift, making the sound feel uncomfortable. The Reflex Optimizer which uses the Phase Control technology adjusts this shift, and improves the localisation of the sound image by aligning the frequencies with those of the floor speakers, creating the ideal reproduction environment.

Next Generation Video Standard Ready

Supports pass-through for HDR10 and Dolby Vision. By connecting the source device, you can enjoy these latest video standards on a compatible display. What’s more, all HDMI terminals support 4K, BT.2020, and HDCP 2.2, so you will have no problem when upgrading to new devices.

MCACC Auto Room Tuning

MCACC Auto Room TuningCreate the optimum acoustic environment with Pioneer’s MCACC (Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System), developed with the expertise of professional recording studios. With the custom microphone, the system automatically compensates for differences in speaker size, level and distance, and equalises response.

Chromecast built-in

Features Chromecast built-in, so you can use your mobile device to stream your favorite music, radio, or podcasts to your speaker. You can control the audio from anywhere in the house using Chromecast-enabled apps running on your personal device – Android phone, iPhone, iPad, and tablet, Mac and Chromebook and Windows laptop. Discover Chromecast-enabled apps at g.co/cast/audioapps. The Chromecast built-in logo is a trademark of Google Inc.

DTS Play-Fi®

DTS Play-Fi wirelessly streams any audio content from any compatible mobile device to DTS Play-Fi compatible audio systems, creating a multi-room system in your home. You can stream different sources to different speakers at the same time from the DTS Play-Fi app.


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